Project Game it Away intends to stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices, by developing and implementing a transdisciplinary and         learner-centred approach to Entrepreneurship Education, combining game design and maker-centred learning.

Develop and implement a new transdisciplinar and learner-centred approach to Entrepreneurship Education (EE)

The approach combines game design and maker-centred learning

The process of developing games requires putting into practice a wide set of entrepreneurship skills

The implementation of this approach in an international context, will contribute to develop a more international mindset in Higher Education (HE) students

Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices

Specific objectives

Develop and implement a new transdisciplinary and learner-centred approach to EE

to act more effectively on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and skills, and to make EE more available and accessible to a vaster number and wider diversity of HE students.


Recognize entrepreneurship skills acquired in the context of EE

namely through micro-credentials.

Create opportunities in EE to develop an international mindset in HE students

that may encourage international careers and the creation of international businesses.

Target Groups

HE Students:

including students from graduate and post graduate levels, from any field of study.

Entrepreneurship Educators:

teachers, trainers or other staff that lectures or facilitates entrepreneurship courses in HE, in whatever format (e.g., curricular course, separate course, seminars, etc.)

HE decision makers and HE staff:

from accreditation and international services.